What can I Expect

Becoming a basketball referee can be a challenging and rewarding career.

Frankston Basketball are always on the lookout for potential referees and there is a defined referee pathway if you are willing to take the next step.

If you would like to become a referee the first step is to register your interest

Our referee advisor is responsible for conducting the orientation courses for beginner referees. Beginner courses comprise of a 2 week theory course which will cover the basics of officiating to give you the fundementals of officiating to help get you ready to hit the court. You will also be paired up with a mentor on court to put that theory into practice. The on court component will range from 2-8 weeks and is dependant on how well you progress each week. 


All you need is a whistle, rule book and a readiness to learn. The Referee Advisor is then responsible for your ongoing education and training as a basketball referee.

Are there different levels of referees?

Once you have successfully completed the Orientation Level course and you become competent enough to run by yourself you will be awarded your Green Shirt and be graded as an apprentice referee, you are qualified to officiate domestic competitions.

Within the next 6 months you will be assessed and coached by experienced referees, referee coaches and the referee advisor who will continue to help you develop the skills to be graded and awarded your black & white shirt and now be graded as a C Grade Referee.

Within six to twelve months of gaining your Level C grading, you are assessed by your Referee Advisor and invited to attend the next B grade referee school.  This will involve a theory component, rules exam and on court assessment on senior domestic competitions.

To become a Level A referee, you must undertake a course conducted by your Referee Advisor. This course will require 3 theory sessions focussing on the more complex aspects of officiating, a rules exam must be completed as well as running a fitness test. Referees will be assessed on their competence to officiate the A Grade domestic competitions. 


Upon completion of an A grade course, you are likely to be refereeing at the highest level competition at your association.

Once you become a Level 1A grade official, you may be nominated by your Referee Advisor to officiate on the Victorian Junior Panel where you will be refereeing the best junior basketballers in the Victoria Junior Championship League (Melb. Utd. VJBL).


While officiating in the Melb. Utd. VJBL you will receive regular evaluations on your performance and helpful coaching tips from the most senior referee educators in Victoria.


You will gain great experience refereeing on the Victorian Junior Panel and it is from here that referees may be nominated to participate in the State Referees Development Program, or be selected to represent Victoria at Australian Junior Championships.

After completing two years on the Junior Panel, referees are invited to undertake the Level 2 Referee Course and are encouraged to referee in the Victorian Basketball League (Big V).

Reaching this level is a great achievement and you may even be identified by Basketball Australia to participate in the National Referees Development Program.

The next step is to progress to Level 3 and 4 then, based on performance and gain selection to the National Panel. At the National Panel level, you will have the opportunity of officiating top Australian basketball including the NBL1, Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) and National Basketball League (NBL) games.

Referees who officiate on the National Panel are elite officials and must handle the pressures of top Australian basketball. The National Panel referees may be nominated to FIBA to recieve their FIBA license, which is the highest obtainable level, allowing them to be considered for World Championships and Olympic Games.

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