Return to Basketball - Important Update

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Competitions are scheduled to begin as of Monday 23rd November. This will be for both senior and Junior competitions.

Referee Availability - Referee Manager

We will not be able to cater for special roster requests at this stage. There are strict protocols that must be followed for competitions and as referees we must also follow these directives.

During the break we have taken the opportunity to clean up all referees availability in Referee Manager. All of your regular availability and any holiday availability has been cleared from Referee Manager.

As a priority please can you log into referee manager to update your availability. You will need to make sure you are available for the entire shift as listed below. For junior competitions this will mean a later finish while seniors will be a later start time.

Midweek Junior Competitions - 4.45pm - 7.45pm

Mid Week Senior Competitions - 7.30 - 10.45pm

Saturday Morning - 8am - 12pm

Saturday Afternoon - 12pm - 4pm

Saturday Evening - 4pm - 8pm

Sunday - TBA (Possibility of Sunday afternoon competitions)

Referees must be available for either the full senior or full junior shift or for Saturdays either the full morning, afternoon or evening shift. If you are not available for a full session you are likely to be left off the roster altogether.

COVID Safe Referee Requirements

As we have advised previously there will be strict directives that referees will need to follow to ensure the safe running of competitions. Please read through these and make yourself familiar with what the new normal for referees will look like when we return. It is important to note that the rules around the return to sport are continually changing and some of these directives may differ once we do resumer competition.

Before You Arrive 

  • It is advised that all referees are to shower before arriving at the venue

  • Referees are to arrive in uniform. There will be no facilities available for you to change.

  • Referees over 18 will not be permitted any friends / spectators.

  • Referees Under 18 may have 1 parent or guardian attend.

Personal Belongings

  • Only bring into the venue what is essential

  • Bring enough water for your shift. You will not be allowed to refill drink bottles. Canteen will not be operating 

  • It is advised you bring a small bag with your personal belongings out to court with you.

Arriving at the Venue

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time.

  • Referees must sign in on arrival (venue entry requirements)

  • Must go straight to their rostered court.

  • The referee room will not be accessible at this time 

Starting the Game 

  • You must maintain social distancing where possible (1.5m apart)

  • The game will commence with a coin toss (make sure you have a coin available), second option will be rock, paper scissors.

  • First named team will call the coin toss

  • Game will start with a throw in from the centreline opposite the scorers table.

During the Game

  • Referees are to only blow their whistle when necessary (do not blow your whistle for timeouts, substitutions, warning whistles etc.)

  • Referees are directed to try and not blow your whistle directly towards participants.

  • When moving on court you must maintain social distancing. This means when moving on court you may need to take a longer route around participants. Do not walk though groups of players.

  • All players and referees are to use sanitiser prior to the start of every game

  • All players substituting on and off the court must use sanitiser

  • At timeouts, all players and referees must use sanitiser 

  • If you choose to use an electronic whistle it would be expected that you also will be wearing a face mask.

  • Players are permitted to wear a face mask as long as it doesn't pose a danger to themselves or participants. (No hard plastic filters on masks permitted)

Game Breaks

  • There will be a 15 minute break between each game for cleaning

  • During this time referees are to remain on their court. 

  • It WILL NOT be permitted to go to the referees room, go to other courts, socialise in groups away from your court

  • Referees will not be able to swap courts at anytime during the night. You will remain on your assigned court with the same partner for the duration of your shift.

The End of your Shift

  • Referees will leave the venue immediately at the completion of your shift.

  • Referees will need to sign off with your supervisor at the completion of your shift.

  • Referees are directed to head straight home at the completion of your shift and shower.

Split Shifts (Saturdays)

  • We will make allowances if the need arrises for referees to do a double shift on a Saturday.

  • This will only occur if the referee has officiated the morning shift followed by the evening shift

  • Referees will need to go home between shifts to shower before returning for the evening shift

The above directives are very important for the safe resumption of competitions. Referees who fail to follow the above directives may be immediately removed from games and asked to leave the venue or left off from future shifts. 

We will aim to conduct a Zoom meeting next week to answer any questions you may have about the return of competitions.

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