Referee Expectations

We are well into the start of the new year and overall I have been happy with the overall commitment and performance of the majority of referees out on court. There have been instances where I have been disappointed at the professionalism we have displayed on and off the court.

From day 1 of your referee course we stress that we must put on a professional display on court, I stress that as referees we are there to referee the game to the best of our abilities, we are not perfect but we continue to learn and we go out on court and have fun. This year I have had a number of reports come to me of referees shooting during timeouts, this is not on. This is not a display of professionalism that we strive towards and by doing this you lose the respect of players, coaches and your fellow officials. So that everyone is on the same page, any referee caught shooting during timeouts will be stood down from refereeing for a 1 week period. This behaviour is just not acceptable.

I am also concerned that as referees we are not either calling technical fouls when they are warranted or reporting them when they do get called. The behaviour policy is in place to ensure that referees are provided a working environment free from abuse and for those who do not abide by the policy will be sanctioned for their behaviour. The feedback I have from some referees is that, “Being yelled at doesn’t affect them and don’t really care,” but think about your fellow referees who will face this abuse the next week, they need the support of their fellow officials to do the right thing. Please call technicals when required and when you do have to call one make sure it is reported to your supervisor, don’t just ignore them.

Referee Uniform, regardless of summer or winter it is your responsibility to make sure you shirt is tucked in at all times. I have been giving warnings to a few of you as our standards have slipped but a second warning may see you left off future shifts. Please don’t let it get to this.

A quick note on referee availability, please make sure this is kept up to date in referee manager. This will help your supervisor when it comes to rostering.


Finals are just around the corner and this will be a reminder that for all Finals, FULL WINTER UNIFORM IS REQUIRED, this includes grand finals and for all referees who will be rostered to score table.

- Referee Shirt

- Black Pants

- Black Shoes

- Black Socks

- No Jackets for on court officials during finals.

I hope that everyone can get out and enjoy their games each week and put in the best effort they can. Over the past 18 months we have more than doubled the number of referees that available and we are now in a position to roster referees to games that are committed. Lack of commitment and effort on court may lead to a your spot being taken by an up and coming referee who is willing to work hard and learn. I want to see everyone doing what is right for the competitions and getting out and having fun.

Chris Morrey - Referee Advisor

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