2019 Winter Finals

Winter 2019 Finals are now underway, it is important that all referees show a the highest level of professionalism and effort on these games. Remember there is no second chance in finals for teams as it is a straight elimination system.

What is required from all referees over the next 2 weeks of finals is:

  • 100% effort on every game. We are not asking you to do a 5 or 6 game shift so it is expected you run, make position every chance you get. There should be no excuse for slacking off over the next 2 weeks. If you are unwell, injured or don’t feel up to it please advise your supervisor so they can find a replacement.

  • Timing on finals are as per regular season with the exception that the clock will stop on all timeouts.

  • Make sure that the game clock does not start until the ball has been thrown up, give teams the full match time. The same will go for the second half with the clock starting only when the ball has been passed in. You have a 1 hour time slot so there is no excuse for starting the game early.