Frankston Referee at BV Showcase

Frankston referee Callum Woods was invited to participate in the Under 12 Metro Showcase at Dandenong Basketball Stadium.

This tournament involved mostly players from the Under 12 MUVJBL Championship competition.

Callum has been a referee at Frankston for the past 2 years and has just recently received his B grade certification.

This tournament provided referees the opportunity to further develop their refereeing skills with assistance from experienced referee coaches. This was an opportunity for referees who are looking to continue their refereeing careers working towards higher levels of completion with aspirations of participating on junior panel.

There was greater focus for the referees on court movement and positioning, developing trust on court with your partner, game control, leadership and communication.

Callum said, “It’s a really good event for people that want to go higher as an official. I feel that it really helped my confidence, I started trusting my partner and stopped making big calls out of my area and I feel that my communication to players and to my other official have improved greatly. The referee coaching was really consistent and gave good feedback.”

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