Referee Communication & Participant Behaviour

The attached letter will be sent to all club and team delegates advising them of a new association participant behaviour policy this afternoon.

Participant behaviour is an ongoing issue at the FDBA (and basketball in general) and this policy has been implemented to ensure that all of our match officials are provided a safe environment.

Please read the policy and ensure you understand what constitutes a behavioural technical foul.

If you have any questions please speak to one of our senior referees or your supervisor.

There are now automatic penalties for members who breach acceptable standards of behaviour.

The policy will be in effect this Saturday 20/07/2019

What does this mean as a referee?

  • All behavioural technical fouls, disqualifying fouls and spectator ejections are to be reported to your referee supervisor.

Please do this as soon as possible after the match if the supervisor hasn't already been summoned.

Make sure that the scorer also allocates the foul to the correct player/team, this is important when checking the match record.

Communication expectations from our referees are in line with the attached "Participant Behaviour and Communication" document sent out by Chris in May (email below).

Please make sure you read and understand the following documents

Participant Behaviour and Communication

FDBA Participant Behaviour Policy

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