Rule Changes for Domestic Competitions 2019

FIBA Rule changes will come into effect from January 2019 for all domestic Competitions.

There are some additional changes to these by Basketball Victoria and these will also be adopted into domestic competitions. Make sure you check out the following links so you are aware of all the changes and how these will be implemented into domestic competitions from January 2019.


ART 4 - Uniforms - accessories

To minimize the limitations for the uniforms' accessories without jeopardising the designated image of the game.

ART 17 - Throw-in​

17.2.4 When the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth quarter and in overtime, following a time-out taken by the team that is entitled to the possession of the ball from its backcourt, the coach of that team has the right to decide whether the subsequent throw-in shall be administered at the throw-in line opposite the scorer's table in the team’s frontcourt or in the team's backcourt.

To prevent the throw-in violations and delay during the last 2 minutes of the game.

New Rule

7.2.8 When the game clock shows 2:00 minutes or less in the fourth period and in each extra

period, on a throw-in the defensive player shall not move any part of his body over the boundary line to interfere with the throw-in. The official shall use a preventative signal (next page) as a warning while administering the throw-in. A violation after the warning

shall lead to a technical

ART 24 - Dribbling​

To allow for more spectacular play and to meet the reality of the game.

New Rule

A dribble is the movement of a live ball caused by a player in control of that ball who throws, taps, rolls the ball on the floor. Deleted from the rule: "or deliberately throws it against the backboard".

ART 35 - Double Foul

To simplify the foul principles in the situation when 2 opponents commit personal fouls against each other at approximately the same time.

35. Double foul

35.1. Definition

35.1.1 A double foul is a situation in which 2 opponents commit personal fouls against each other at approximately the same time.

35.1.2 To consider 2 fouls as a double foul, the following conditions shall be required:

- Both fouls are player’s fouls.

- Both fouls involve physical contact.

- Both fouls are between 2 opponents fouling each other.

Art. 36 Technical foul​ (Variation to be applied for Domestic Competitions)

If a technical foul is called, 2 free throws shall be awarded followed by possession of the ball. After the free throws, the game shall be resumed with a throw in from the throw in line in the teams front court. A 5 minute sin-bin shall all so apply for all behavioural technical fouls.

Throw-in after an unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul (and technical fouls)

To speed up the game, to allow for more possession thus for possibly more scoring. To eliminate complex situations after a throw-in from the center line.

Amended rule​

  • All throw-ins as the part of an unsportsmanlike and disqualifying foul shall be administeredfrom the throw-in line in the team's frontcourt.

  • All throw-ins to resume the game after a fighting situation has occurred shall be administered from the throw in line in teams' front court

The throw-in to start any quarter other than the first quarter and any overtime shall remain from the centre line, as they are not part of a penalty for an infraction.

Basketball Victoria Applied Rule Changes 2019

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