Referee Communication and FIBA Rule Changes Session

This session will cover player / coach / spectator behaviour, what us as referees will accept and how to handle and deal with unacceptable behaviour and conflict situations. We will address the best way to communicate with players and coaches, before, during and after games. In recent weeks I have noticed an increase in poor behaviour from players / coaches / spectators and I think us as referees need to set a consistent standard in how we will handle such situations to defuse conflict in the most appropriate way. What will be covered: * Player / Coach / Spectator Behaviour - What is acceptable * Communicating with players and coaches * Dealing with unacceptable player behaviour * Dealing with unacceptable coaches behaviour * Dealing with unacceptable spectator behaviour *New FIBA rules and interpretations *Open forum for questions It is expected that all referees make themselves available to attend as this information will be communicated out to participants. Non referees are also welcome to attend to gain an insight into the directions given to our referees in line with Basketball Victoria directives.

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