Our Commitment Moving Forward

From today we will forget what has gone. Appreciate what still remains and look forward to what’s coming next.

Over the past 18 months there has been a lot of instability within the referee program at Frankston. From my personal perspective as well as a great number of senior and former members who over the decades have provided their time, knowledge and experience to our proud association it has been a sad time to see these referees walk out the door.

Some of you many not fully understand the current situation but from the amount of contact I have had from members this week many of you do. There is nothing that can change what has happend over the past year but we can learn from it and move forward and help to improve your experience each time you step on court.

We are asking that regardless of what has happened we all continue to referee at Frankston for the benefit of the participants while we continue to work on stabilising the referee group and providing you all with as much support as you need.

I have been working behind the scenes over the past week contacting a number of former referees and referee coaches who we may not have seen around for some time now and asking them if they will volunteer their time to come back down and provide some coaching and development opportunities to our referees. The response from many of these people has been overwhelming and I thank them in advance for their support.

Startng next week you may be approached and given feedback by some of these referees and referee coaches. I ask that you take onboard the feedback they are giving to you as they are trying to help you improve and develop your officiating and ultimately support you as a referee.

In addition to this we know that many referees feel they have not received feedback in quite sometime. Some of you may feel you need to be looked at and possibly graded. We want ot be able to help you in progressing and moving up the ranks. I ask that if you feel that you need some imidiate coaching to contact me directly so a time can be arranged to fast tack your develpoment. Please don't be affraid to ask, we are here to help.

Email me at: refs@vbrafrankston.org.au

Finally we are going to continue to work on a long term plan to assist in getting the referee program back on track so that we can provide you with the tools you need to continue develop. Ultimately we want you to enjoy yourself and what you are doing everytime you step out on court.

Chris Morrey

On behalf of the VBRA Frankston Branch Committee

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