Statement Regarding EFT Payments to Referees

You may have today received an email advising that payments to you as Referees will start to be paid via EFT. The VBRA Frankston Committee will be responding to this email shortly advising that more time is required before this is introduced. The first that the VBRA Frankston Committee was aware this was occurring was the same time as you when this email was sprung on us. I would suggest that you hold off providing any banking details at this stage until you seek further information on how this may effect you and your current situation (eg. Centrelink ATO) I am proposing that the VBRA Frankston Branch will set up an information session for you to assist in providing information on some of the concerns you may have.

Further details will be posted on our website in the coming days. We intend to provide an information session for you with a date and time to be confirmed.

If you have any urgent questions you can contact the VBRA Frankston Branch at

Thank you