New FIBA Unsportsmanlike and Travel Interpretations

For those of you that are refereeing this Friday night. The new FIBA rules will be in use so he please spend some time and rewatch the videos that have been posted on the unsportsmanlike and the travel rules. I have also taken the following which covers the interpretations of the new rules very well. If you have any questions on these rules please get in contact with me.

New Rules

There are new FIBA rules that DO APPLY to the VJBL Competitions as of this week. While there are a huge number of technical changes to the rules, probably only three stand out as having an impact on most games:

1. The “Unnecessary Contact” Unsportsmanlike Foul (new, additional rule)

This new rule applies to contact on a dribbler in transition, if the defender has not established a Legal Guarding Position.

This will typically occur on a steal or turnover, when a defensive player tries to impede the dribbler by reaching across or bumping them.

It does not matter if the contact is intended or accidental – it is still an Unsportsmanlike Foul.